Vasco performing "Ralph" in the successefull comedy "Noch einmal verliebt" (="the last romance")
for the "Kleine Bühne" in Michendorf (near Berlin and Potsdam)

(Michendorf, 2014 Mai)
Vasco performing "mister Pleite" in one of the most successefull cabaret sketches of the group "Lückenbüsser" in Berlin
(Berlin, 2011 Mai)
Vasco performing an old man in the play "The Treasure" at the "Incrível Almadense"
(Almada, 2008 April)
Vasco (in the middle) performing "mister politic" in the musical comedy "Lock up your Daughters!",  an english musical by the "Lisbon Players"
(Lisbon, 2007 May)
Vasco frequented a "clown class" and mets there Mafalda, the star from the portuguese telenovela "Morangos com Açúcar"!
(Lisbon, 2007 November 24)
Vasco accidentally meets his favourite soccer star: 

(Sesimbra, 2007 February 24)
Vasco's photo plublished as cover of the real estate magazine from REMAX in Lisbon
(Lisbon photo "Esta noite em Lisboa" from 2003 July 22, published 2006)
Vasco with the best and most famous living portuguese fado singer: MARIZA!
(after her concert in Mainz at 2003 Nov 27)

Vasco obtained the german citizenship at 2002 Dec 11. 
He has now both the german and the portuguese nationalities!
(Vasco's german naturalization document)
Vasco's poster appealing for the portuguese  in Germany to go to the polls
(original poster, posted in Frankfurt am Main for 10 days in February 2001)
Vasco's appeal for the europeans in Frankfurt to go to the polls ... in the next local elections (unfortunately, he is not himself a candidate!)
(article in the famous "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung" 26 Jan 2001)